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Lamp or Bikini?

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One day I was checking my MySpace and I came across this image. Asking if the image was a Lamp Or a Bikini. Now I know this was intentional ClickBait advertised as an Impossible IQ Question.


Which one is it? Could it be a Lamp with a plant next to it? Or would it be an upsidedown Girl's Ass with a tattoo on her butt cheeks.

So I decided I had to get to the bottom on it. NO PUN Intended After a few searches on Google I came to a conclusion. If you would like to figure out which it is scroll down below.

Scroll Down to See...

Scroll Down to See...

fatrowne bikini_lamp_is_one_of_them.jpg

So it turns out it is not really either. The image originally was a bikini but was photoshopped to look more like a lamp to give the illusion that it was infact a lamp with a plant next to it.

Last Modified: Friday February 03, 2023