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In the year 2022...

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the year 2022 Boating Every Month

January Boating 1-15-2022 Bird Island

February Boating 2-19-2022 Sebastian Inlet

March Boating 3-15-2022 with Jet Skier MAX SPEED in No Wake Zone

April Boating 4-24-2022 Samsan Island

May Boating 5-21-2022 to Sebastian with Zeke the boat dog

June Boating 6-12-2022 With Mom and Paul to Samsan Island and Bird Island.

July Boating 7-12-2022 Sebastian with Paige

August Boating 8-27-2022 Bird Island John and Leanna

September Boating 9-25-2022 Heading out with Jason Sean Liam Paige and Myself going under Mather's Bridge

October Boating 10-9-2022 Squidlips

November Boating 11-27-2022 Heading out with Janelle Paige Alex Colleen and Myself to Squidlips

December Boating 12-21-2022 Chilly Day in December

2022 has been an interesting year. I decided as a 2022 new years resolution that I would go boating at least once a month an record a video of each month that I went boating. So far this has been pretty nice to ensure that I use my boat membership from 321 Boating and to get outside more often.

Last Modified: Friday February 03, 2023