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fatbrowne Adam Browne Chuckit Ball Buster Beach Florida Hello, I am Adam Browne. Welcome to my website.

Adam Jeffry Browne Working At General Electric and Alstom Transportation aka fatbrowne Software Engineer Here I am working at General Electric as a Software Engineer.

This website is used to document major events in my life.
I went to College in Orlando, Florida in 2004.
Graduated with a BS in Computer Engineering in 2007.
Started a job at Avidyne in 2007.
I had Jaw Surgery in May 2008.
Started a job at Harris in 2009.
I had Lasik And PRK Eye Surgery in 2010.
I bought a House in 2011.
I got Married in 2012.
Started a job at Dragonpoint in 2012.
Started Fostering in 2013.
Started a job at GE Transportation in 2014.
Adopted my two Kids in 2015.
Started a job at Alstom in 2016.
Timmah! was born in 2018.
Completely Avoid Alcohol for 365 days in 2019.
Find something Each Day that I was thankful for in 2020.
I sold the House in 2021.
Go Boating every month in 2022.
Created facebook group IWasBornIn1985 and posted every day in 2023.
Fasted for 24 hours every single month or reach 200 lb in 2024.

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Please join this group if you were born in 1985


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