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What is it like to have a Foster Family

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I started down the path of fostering because of my nephew Jordan Browne. He was taken away from my sister sometime in 2012 and since he lived in Michigan and we lived in Florida we were told that if we wanted him to come live with us that we would have to become licensed foster parents. So my wife and I did everything we had to do in order to make this happen. This meant securing our home, taking foster classes, and ensuring that we are capible parents according to Brevard Family Partnership. Previously, we had already fostered and rescued several dogs and cats from the local shelter so we believed we would be excellent foster parents for my nephew Jordan as well. So it turned out once we had finished all the classes and became licensed foster parents my nephew was returned to my sister so he was no longer in need of a foster home. However, there is always a need for foster homes and licensed foster parents willing to open their home for children in need. So they reached out to use and asked if we wanted to take in some foster kids. So we gave it a shot and we so happy that we did. Initially, it was very rough and a completely change of pace to go from two working adults without any kids to suddenly having 1 child than as much as 4 children simultaneously. It can be very overwhelming but I believe that is just parenthood in general. However, we are very greatful for the opportunities fostering has made in our lives. We were able to adopt two of the children we were fostering and now they will both always be in our lives always and we love them dearly. Now I will be the first to admit fostering or parenting for that matter is NO walk in the park and often can be very stressful and suddenly your children are your biggest priority. Even with all the cons (and believe me there is a LONG list) to fostering/parenting I still believe that the pros do outweigh the cons.

Brevard County needs 65 new foster families

fatbrowne Foster Family Brevard Family Partnership In Melbourne Florida

Last Modified: Friday February 03, 2023