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Eliminate Debt Completely

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my-new-black-kitten.jpg dead cat bounce? deadcatbounce Eliminate debt?

Debt as Money

Many people often ask how do I eliminate debt.
The truth is as simple as this.
You can eliminate debt by not spending more money than cash you have coming in and use whatever extra money you earn to pay off prior debt. Always make sure to budget enough money each month to afford the minimum payments of your debt in order to avoid any additional fees or interest.
Otherwise, you could end up being someone's indentured servant or worse a slave.

A dead cat bounce is a figurative term used by traders in the finance industry to describe a pattern where a decline in the price of a stock is immediately followed by a temporary rise before resuming its downward movement. This rise might be an indication of improving circumstances in the fundamentals of the stock. It is derived from the notion that "even a dead cat will bounce if it falls from a great height" assuming it has already lost 9 lives.
No kitties were injured in the making of this webpage.

Last Modified: Friday February 03, 2023