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What Is A Pick Up Artist?

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pickupartist pick up artist

I have always had some interest in women ever since I developed my first crush on a girl in elementary school. Like any ability it takes time, experience, and plenty of trial and error to become good at attracting women. I find this to be very true with social/physical interactions and verbal/nonverbal communication which are the foundation for any relationship.
Although I was clearly interested in girls and knew that I wanted a girlfriend, I found it frustrating that it seemed all the girls I was interested in did not recipricate the same feelings towards me. However, the girls who natually showed interest in me seemed unattractive because they were vulnurable enough early on to show me all their flaws.
Honestly, the concept is not that difficult to understand when you think back on any successful or failed relationship. As human beings we are natually attracted to those who seem like they are of higher value (beauty, finacially, physique, intelligence, confident, charasmatic, motivated, fun, and independent). On the other end of the spectrum are those who seem like they are of lower value (ugly, clingy, desperate, boring, and dependent).

Be aware of your value

I think to have any relationship to start off on the right foot you should be aware of how you come off to others based on first impression. It is important to demonstrate high value and avoid representing lower value. You can always be youself and you don't have to lie to demonstrate high value. Focus on the positives on your life and talk achievements you are proud of (college, career, car, friends, and activites). I find one of the easest ways to do this naturally is to actually mantain and live a high value life.
If you begin dating someone don't be afraid to talk about other dating stories as long as it won't lower your value. I find that girls become very interested in you once they realize you have been preselected by other girls. Let them know that you date often and by no means are you desperate (or anything else that shows lower value). Enjoy your life!

Be accepting of their value

Obviously, we are drawn to others because of certain qualities. Once you become aware that you are a great person and can demonstrate this to others you will realize all the opportunities in front of you. You don't want to fall into the trap that everyone you meet is of lower value and not worth your time. If you become too cocky people will not respect you and may not wish to ever spend time with you. I think that being understanding when others open up to you and show that they are vulnurable is the best way to go about it. This does NOT mean that you also need to open up as soon as they open up to you. Emotions and feelings can change early on in a relationship for a girl but the longer the relationship last and the more invested they are into the relationship the more likely the emotions and feelings will stay strong.

Avoid the Friend Zone

I believe that everyone has been in the friend zone at some time in their life. The best way to avoid this trap is to make it clear early on that your intentions are not to be just friends. I find this is much easier with physical contact rather than verbal contact. In my experience it is respectful to wait until the second meeting or date before you kiss. However, I would make sure there is physical contact by the third meeting or date when you are alone or else there is a very good chance it will be friend zone for you. I understand it can be nerve wracking to kiss someone you really like for the first time. That is why it is important to build up to it by getting a feel for their comfort level and indicators of interest. Be confident and comfortable enough to hold their hand or put your arm on their sholder without it being akward.
In conclusion, have fun when dating and getting to know yourself and other people. Don't stay with someone that seems like more trouble than they are fun. Look out for red flags and be confident enough to put your foot down.

Last Modified: Friday February 03, 2023