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Jelly Boy 2

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jellyboy2 jelly boy 2 zsnes SNES Super Nintendo Entertainment System Video Game

This page is to keep a list of the important aspect of a very fun game called Jelly Boy 2.

This is the unpublished sequel to the SNES game Jerry Boy (and has nothing to do with the SNES platformer Jelly Boy from Ocean). Like the predecessor you play blob-like characters that can stick to walls and ceiling. Instead of playing just one character, you can free your friends, each with a distinguished skill. Jelly Boy 2 is a game that tops itís predecessor in every aspect, the gameplay is even more smooth, the graphics look better and the level bosses are more innovative. Overall, great fun.
Final Boss: There is another, final boss who can be unlocked by finding the nine pieces of a mosaic.
- Lost World 4 (use Yolk)
- Star Park 5 (use Yolk)
- Ninja Western 4 (use Yolk) this is a bit harder to find, first you have to look for cracks in the wall to the right of a door, squeeze through them and move right until you find another door, through that one and you reach a level with waterfalls, the final door to the piece is in a waterfall, just swim up
- Crazy Ocean 3 (anyone)
- Wonder Space 4 (use Carm)
- Motor Maze 4 (use Ed) (found by Tulavu)
- Gimmick Wood 3 (use Yolk)
- Dark Palace 4 (use Yolk)
- Dark Palace 5 (beat the final boss)

Last Modified: Friday September 03, 2021