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Who is the Ipod Mechanic?

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Nick Woodhams ipodmechanic ipod mechanic

Nick Woodhams is the iPodMechanic

I remember meeting Nick Woodhams sometime around the summer of 2003. Unfortunately, I had already moved to Florida sometime around the summer of 2000. However, I would normally visit my friends and family in Michigan whenever I had a break from school like during the summer and winter break. Nick had become very popular among my core group of Michigan friends. I am not sure what lead to this but it was probably related to video games because that was usually what brought our group together. I remember him being good friends with Adam Jeffery and Matt Sobeck and I believe it was at Adam Jeffry's house that I really got a chance to get to know him better. I remember playing Super Smash Brothers and Golden Eye for the Nintendo 64 at Adam Jeffery's house and the four of us hanging out playing games.
I also recall during that time that we really enjoyed playing monopoly for some strange reason. I remember there was an epic match between Mike Simpson, Nick Woodhams, Matt Sobeck, and me at Nick's House. Matt Sobeck ended up being the emperor of Monopoly that day and I have pictures to prove it.
I also remember during that summer I spent time with Nick at his mom's lake house. We went out on their boat to go tubing and we also had a nice BBQ. I would also hang out with Nick at his dad's house where we would watch movies and talk about computers.
One of my most fond memories of hanging out with Nick was when we spent the night at a Days Inn motel with my family on New Year's Eve between 2003 and 2004. That night was so much fun because of all the activities we did that night. That was hands down the best New Years Eve I ever had. There was a Dance/Party room where other patrons were enjoying meals and alcohol. They had a really amusing pool and hot tub. And they had an entertaining bar where you could play pool or get a drink. I think one of the reasons why it was so great was because of all the drunken people. It seemed like everyone that night was totally wasted. People were stumbling down the hallway, running into doors, and tripping over other people lying in the hallways. At one point Nick and I were sitting in the hallway trying to play a game of cards but we ended up realizing that we weren't even playing with a full deck that night.
I think we tried to recreate that special night again the New Years between 2007 and 2008 at a Holiday Inn with my Mom and Bernie. We even had a surprise visit from Mike Simpson and Ario Barzan. Unfortunately, it was just not quite the same.
I always remember him being a very bright individual. It is sort of ironic that we would always call him Tonto. I am not sure if that was a nickname he developed in Michigan or from where he came before but honestly I never understood why everyone called him that. I even found myself calling him that more frequently than I realized.
I always considered Nick a savvy businessman and I always thought of him being ahead of the rest of the guys we would hang out in regards to entrepreneurship. I was very impressed when I found out that Nick had started his own business right out of high school and that his business was actually quite profitable. In a way I was sort of envious thinking that I could have had the success he had if I followed in his footsteps rather than to go to college and end up with the debt that I accrued. However, I kept reminding myself that the hard work and dedicate will pay off and that I just have to remain focused and not give up. I believed that a lot of Nick's success was due to his hard work and dedication and his drive to be the best and taking chances.
I believe Nick started off just selling belongings on eBay and realized that he was losing out on potential profits due to the restricting fees eBay has on its sellers. He realized he could start his own website and sell electronics and eliminate those fees. At some point he realized there was a high demand for apple products especially iPods. IPods were very popular during this time and also relatively expensive. Somewhere along the way he realized many people would just buy a new iPod rather than to spend $200 (half the price of an IPod at that time) to get it fixed from Apple if they were no longer under warranty. He set to find a way to fix and restore iPods for consumers for less than the flat fee of $200 that Apple was charging. Sure enough he was able to fix and restore several iPods for less than the cost that Apple was charging. However, there were some cases where iPods would cost more than $200 to fix because they had several expensive parts that were permanently damaged. Often these people would rather just abandon their broken IPod than to try to pay to get it fixed. This meant that every time this situation occurred, Nick could reuse the working parts on other iPods for free and throw out the broken parts.

Here is a Ipod Mechanic.

I personally know Nick Woodhams or Nicholas Woodhams the Ipod Mechanic as you can tell from my Friends Section .
I understand there are some nasty pages about IpodMechanic and Nicholas Woodhams but I think that he has been nothing but kind. Nick Woodhams is a great guy and I am very proud to have him as a friend. He is always willing to lend a hand or offer advice even if it has nothing to do with Ipods at all.

Be accepting of value! Don't judge a book by it's cover.

Last Modified: Friday February 03, 2023