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Charlotte High School

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Charlotte High School

I am proud to have attended and graduated Charlotte High School. For me it was a time for developing and moving forward into adulthood.
Although I only attended Charlotte High School during my junior and senior year, I was very involved in extra curicular activities. During my senior year I became very involved and I think it is because of the positive influence from my friends and being that it was my last year in high school. Some of these activities included Push Up Crew, Film Club, Drama Club, Math Club, Mr Charlotte High, and the Magic the Gathering Club. I even became nominated for homecoming court through Film Club. I think getting involved my senior year of high school really helped me get heavily involved once I got into college.
Some of my best memories come from when I used to live in Punta Gorda. I can remember that is when I really got into playing cards and hanging out with my buddies after school. I had this extra poker room set up in the garage where we could play magic or Texas Hold'em whenever we wanted. Normally we would all get together and play like 5 times a week. We were so into playing Poker, Spades, and Magic that we would even play at school.
The address of Charlotte High is 1250 Cooper Street Punta Gorda Florida. Charlotte High School was established in 1926. It is also near Port Charlotte. Everyone who graduates from Charlotte High School is proud to call it home.

Last Modified: Friday February 03, 2023