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Friends are important. We all have them. They can be someone you talk to or someone you listen to. The term "Friend" can have a different meaning depending on who you ask. A friend can be someone you see regularly or once a year. Friends can be nice or friends can be mean. Personally, I see friends as those who share a common interest with you. People you can connect with and generally like to be around. I like nice friends the best but sometimes it is difficult to give up on a friend even when they treat you bad. I try not to turn my back on any friends. Although we go through different stages in our lives and common interests fade away over time. I do not believe that the friendships that were established have to fade away. I think there can always be a new common interest that friends can agree upon as long as they both value the friendship. Throughout my life I have been blessed with the uncanny ability to attract people towards me. Whether it is because of my friendly nature or because I am an entertaining person, I am just happy that I have friends.

Last Modified: Friday February 03, 2023