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Final Fantasy Tactics

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This page is to keep a list of the important aspect of one of my favorite games Final Fantasy Tactics.

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Final Fantasy Tactics Battles Final Fantasy Tactics
Final Fantasy Tactics Final Fantasy Tactics characters
Final Fantasy Tactics cloud Final Fantasy Tactics jobs
Final Fantasy Tactics Jobs
Chapter One
1. Orbonne Monastery
2. Gariland Magic City
3. Mandalia Plains
4. Sweegy Woods
5. Slums of Dorter
6. Cellar of the Sand Rat
7. Thieves Fort
8. Lenalia Plateau
9. Windmill Shed
10. Fort Zeakden
Chapter Two
11. Dorter Trade City
12. Araguay Woods
13. Zirekile Falls
14. Zaland Fort City
15. Bariaus Hill
16. Zigolis Swamp
17. Goug Machine City Slums
18. Bariaus Valley
19. Golgorand Execution Site - Steal The Blood Sword from Gafgarion
20. Lionel Castle Gates
21. Inside Lionel Castle
Chapter Three
22. Goland Coal City - Get Healing Staff and Barette from Alma after this battle
23. Back Gate of Lesalia Castle
24. Underground Book Storage Second Floor
25. Underground Book Storage Third Floor
26. Underground Book Storage First Floor
27. Grog Hill
28. Yardow Fort City
29. Yuguo Woods
30. At the Gate of Riovanes Castle
31. Inside Riovanes Castle
32. Inside Riovanes Castle
33. On the Roof of Riovanes Castle
Chapter Four
34. Doguola Pass
35. Bervenia Free City - Steal The Defender and Chantage from Meliadoul
Obtain Balthier read below (PSP Only)
Obtain Beowulf
Obtain Reis (Dragon)
Obtain Construct 8
36. Finath River
37. Zeltennia Castle
38. Bed Desert - Steal The Blaze Gun from Balk
39. South Wall of Bethla Garrison
40. North Wall of Bethla Garrison
41. In Front of Bethla Garrison's Sluice - Get Excalibur from Orlandu after this battle
Obtain Reis (Human) First go to the Trade City of Sal Ghidos and buy the flower then go to Goug and watch the cutscence then go back to Zeltennia and listen to the rumor about "the cursed isle of nelveska" the cursed island and a battlefield will open up just north of the town.
Obtain Cloud After you get Reis (Human) go to Goug then go to City of Sal Ghidos
42. Germinas Peak - Move-Find to Get Vanish Mantle from Germinas Peak
43. Poeskas Lake
44. Limberry Castle Gates
45. Inside Limberry Castle - Steal The Masamune and Genji Gear from Elmdor
46. Under Limberry Castle
47. Igros Castle
48. Igros Castle
49. St. Murond Temple
50. Hall of St. Murond Temple
51. Chapel of St. Murond Temple
52. Underground Book Storage Fourth Floor
53. Underground Book Storage Fifth Floor
54. Murond Death City
55. Lost Sacred Precincts
56. Graveyard of Airships
57. Graveyard of Airships
58. Graveyard of Airships
1. Goland Coal City (Colliery Third Floor)
2. Goland Coal City (Colliery Second Floor)
3. Goland Coal City (Colliery First Floor)
4. Goland Coal City Underground Passage
5. Nelveska Temple - Move-Find to get Escutcheon and Javelin from Nelveska Temple
6. Zarghidas Trade City
16. END

Degenerator Traps
Ways you can lower your characters' levels include: Degenerator traps (Favoham Plains is my favorite place to do this).
Using Monster Skill on an invited Mindflare, which will let it use Level Blast.
Leveling Ramza down as a Bard and back up as a Ninja netted him 143 HP, 40 MP, 7 PA, and 2 Speed.
Therefore, you can see that this can pump up your characters immensely, even if it is a bit time-consuming. You can make Orlandu even more cheap than he already is.
Final Fantasy Tactics Job Degenerator.jpg

Luso (PSP Only)
In chapter 3 a "random battle" will automatically occur in Zeklaus Desert, after that battle Luso will join your party.

Balthier (PSP Only)
After the first fight against Meliadoul at Bervenia in chapter 4, Ramza goes to the Mining Town of Gollund and checks the rumor "Rash of Thefts", about a godless thief stealing precious cargo from the church. Ramza then goes to the Merchant City of Dorter and checks the rumor "A Call For Guards", about some precious cargo from Bervenia that needs an escort to Dorter. When Ramza goes to the Dorter slums, he walks right into an ambush. The thieves attack Ramza, before realizing they've got the wrong man. Balthier then steps out the shadows and condemns the thieves' ability to set a trap. Teaming up with Ramza, Balthier manages to get rid of the thieves.
After the battle, Balthier explains that he is a Sky Pirate looking for the Cache of Glabados. Ramza thinks Balthier is referring to the Auracite, and when he asks Balthier what the Cache is exactly, Balthier only mentions it is the reason he is currently in Ivalice's future. When Ramza tells Balthier he thinks he knows what he's looking for, Balthier is more than keen to tag along, claiming the leading man never balks out of a little danger, even if he does feel more like a cameo role this time. Before they set off, Ramza comments that Balthier can't be a pirate of the skies if he has no wings, while Balthier complains that he is fed up of constantly following children, much to Ramza's annoyance. His Zodiac Sign is Leo

In chapter 4 go to Gollund and read a rumor called the Haunted Mines. Travel to Lesalia and a scene will introduce Beowulf. Agree to take him with you and he will join the party as a Guest. Return to Gollund in order to fight a sequence of 4 battles, one of which is a boss battle. Finish these battles and Beowulf will join your party.

Reis (Dragon)
Participate in the Beowulf battles mentioned earlier and your final objective will be to protect Reis. Finish the battle and you’ll gain her.

Construct 8
Return to Goug after recruiting Reis to view a cutscene introducing Construct 8. He will join afterwards.

Reis (Human)
Complete the previously mentioned character recruitments. When Sal Ghidos becomes available buy a flower from the Flower Girl. Return to Goug and then make your way back to Zeltennia. In Zeltennia Listen to the rumor about "the cursed isle of nelveska" the cursed island and a battlefield will open up just north of the town. After the battle you obtain a new Zodiac Stone. Try to move on the world map and a cutscene will begin in which the dragon Reis is transformed back into her original state.

Cloud can be recruited by Ramza Beoulve's party in Final Fantasy Tactics. To do this, Ramza must first defeat Belias and enter chapter 4 (he must have retained Mustadio Bunansa as a party member). At this point, he must return to the Clockwork City of Goug, where Mustadio's father Besrudio will have found Construct 8, but will be unable to power it up. Ramza must recruit Beowulf Cadmus from the Royal City of Lesalia and take him to the coal mine in the Mining Town of Gollund. After they save Reis Duelar, Ramza will obtain the Zodiac Stone necessary to activate Construct 8.
Cloud during his arrival at Ivalice. After Ramza has defeated Zalmour Lucianada for the second time, Besrudio will come up with a dimensional portal device, but again he cannot activate it. A rumor will subsequently circulate about Zeltennia Castle. After hearing it, Ramza can journey to Nelveska Temple and defeat Construct 7. Reis will revert to human form (and must be accepted again by Ramza), and Ramza will gain another Zodiac Stone. Taking it to Besrudio will cause Cloud to be summoned, but at this point, he will just run off. Cloud is then recruitable after defeating "Sephiroth's Shadow" at the battle of Goug, the city of Moogles.
On the way to Limberry Castle, Ramza must buy a flower from a flower girl in the Trade City of Sal Ghidos. He must then defeat Zalera and Adrammelech and then return to Sal Ghidos, where Cloud will attempt to save the flower girl, who is revealed to be called Aerith, from a group of thugs. Ramza must then help Cloud defeat the thugs. Cloud will then join the party, but will be unable to use his Limit Break skills without the Materia Blade, which is at the top of the tall pillar in Mount Bervenia. In Final Fantasy Tactics Cloud has an additional limit, Cherry Blossom.
Curiously, while Final Fantasy VII lists Cloud's birthdate as August 19th (making him a Leo), his zodiac sign in Final Fantasy Tactics is Aquarius. Cloud is also the only male character in Final Fantasy Tactics able to equip a Ribbon, which is otherwise only equippable by female characters, as a reference to his infamous crossdressing scene. However, this ability is no longer unique on the PSP version, as the Onion Knight can also equip female-exclusive equipment.

Deep Dungeon Exit Locations
There are five tiles on each map in the deep dungeon that alternate where the exit is. The game randomly picks one of these five tiles at the beginning of the battle, but check all 5 and I guarantee 100% you'll find the exit. I'll list each on an (x,y) coordiante system, going from 0-#. If you like looking, don't read on
NOGIAS: Starting positions is the top left of the 10 x 10 square map (i.e.: the back left corner of the starting positions is (0,9)) Exits: (3,9),(6,8),(8,1),(8,3),(9,9)
TERMINATE: Starting positions are at the top right of the 8x11 map (i.e.: the back right corner of the starting positions is (7,11)) Exits: (0,9),(0,0),(1,4),(6,1),(8,0)
DELTA: Starting positions are at the top middle of the 9x15 map (i.e.: the back left corner of the starting positions is (4,15)) Exits: (3,11),(7,8),(8,8),(1,1),(8,2)
VALKYRIES: Starting positions are at the top left corner of the 16x11 map (i.e.: the back left corner of the starting positions is (0,10)) Exits: (8,10),(11,3),(13,2),(14,4),(15,6)
MLAPAN: Starting positions in middle of 7x12 map (i.e.: the back left corner of the starting positions is (2,8)) Exits: (3,4),(1,2),(4,2),(6,0),(6,4)
TIGER: Starting positions in the back right corner of the 11x10 map (i.e.: the back right corner of the starting positions is (10,9)) Exits: (5,7),(2,2),(0,0),(1,7),(0,9)
BRIDGE: Starting positions in the back right corner of the 9x15 map (i.e.: the back right corner of the starting positions is (8,14)) Exits: (5,6),(4,2),(2,8),(2,13),(0,14)
VOYAGE: Starting positions in the top left of the 13x14 map (i.e.: the back left corner of the starting positions is (2,13)) Exits: (10,10),(8,5),(1,10),(1,13),(0,13)
HORROR: Starting positions in the middle left of 12x10 map (i.e.: the back left corner of the starting positions is (3,7)) Exits: (2,1),(10,7),(9,8),(0,8),(0,3),(2,5)
END: No exits.
Final Fantasy Tactics World Final Fantasy Tactics Map

Last Modified: Friday September 03, 2021