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Why Did You Pick The Name Fatbrowne For Your Website?

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Why Fatbrowne? fat brown Why Fatbrowne? snorlax_appearsWhy Fatbrowne? FAT BROWNE snorlax_appears

Many people often ask why do I have the name fatbrowne because I am not fat. Often they wonder where I came up with such an ironic name. The truth is that when I first had AOL back around 1997 I was trying to come up with a screen name that did not contain any numbers. Obviously names like AdamBrowne and MrBrowne were already taken. So I was trying to come up with the shortest adjective I could think of that no one would want. So it turns out fat happen to be the word I chose. And obviously Browne was used as it is my last name. There is an e at the end of Brown so it sounds like the color brown but it is not spelled like the color brown.
If you want advice on diet or how to lose weight you have come to the wrong place.

Last Modified: Friday February 03, 2023