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Underbite girl--im having the consultation fing im scared i have fear off dentisti think i have and underbite 8i dont want to go im scared helppp!!!!!!!!!!!
Adam Browne--Don't be scared. I did it and my surgery was a major success. The consultation is nothing to worry about. Make sure he answers any questions you have. Otherwise feel free to post them here.
elle--How long did the recovery take? Is it likely that I would have to take more than a week off from college? Is it debilitating beyond just numbness/ pain of the face?Sorry for all the questions. I go in next week to meet a surgeon. I really am just itching to know. I'm still kinda scared, but I'm 90% sure that I want to do this.
Adam Browne--I took a week and a half off from work. I had it done on a wednesday. You should be fine with 2 weeks off if you heal fast and are positive and have someone to take care of you. It is just sort of embarrassing when you try to talk to people and you have rubber bands in and you have to take them out to answer the phone and stuff.Don't be scared you are mostly there only 10% more to go.
Bee--What is the timeline for getting your braces and waiting for the jaw surgery
Bee--does the surgeon need to work with your orthodontist during the period in which you have your braces for 1 year or is it ok to get your braces and then seek jaw surger closer to when your braces come off? I have an underbite and it has really affected my life and the whole perspective on everything. It is very difficult to have a smile that even looks like a normal smile. Thanks for any insight.
Adam Browne--They are supposed to work together. Mine did but you should also make sure that they do work together and you don't just expect it.
Jenna--Thank you so much for all the help. I'm 15, going to get braces soon, and will be looking forward to my jaw surgery. My underbite has been such a hassle, it's good to know I'm not alone in this.
Adam Browne--Are you the underbite girl? Just remember good things will come out of it. Think positive and positive things are bound to happen.
3xxx--very much thank you for help.my jaw surgery november 25.I some be afraid of :D.very much ache be?Does surgery hinder to my The lesson studying
3xxx--sorry for my bad english:D
Adam Browne--Don't be scared, it will be alright. your study lessons will be okay.
3xxx--thank you very much :))
Adam Browne--Has anyone out there already had the process out there reading this?
Mayumi--hey how r ya..i'm goin to have the same surgery u had.. n i'm feelin very very nervous and scared ;"(at first i didnt care that much.. but after i saw some video i really got scared.. it seems painful... I really dont know whether i wanna have the surgery or not....is it worth the pain.??!
Adam Browne--As I have said before it is not painful. I think that it is worth it.However, I realize times are tough right now and would suggest holding off on the surgery unless you are certain you can afford it.I was lucky to have such a well paying job and a decent economy when I got my surgery done in May.Good luck and I hope you make the right choice.
chica_bonita--i just wanna ask cuz i have been told that the surgery may change the shape of the nose .xD n we dont want it to get bigger dont we xD .so is it true or not ?
Adam Browne--I had lower surgery, if you get the same it will not impact the nose. However, I have heard upper can impact the look of your nose.
v--hi, can you please tell me where did you do the operation? and do you know which countries are famous for doing such surgery ? since i read that there could be some complications and i wanted to know the best place I could do that.
Adam Browne--I did it here in Florida, USA. I think USA might be the best but the most expensive. You'll have to check online for other countries.
blueyesha--hi, i just want to ask how many months until your totally feeling ok? i mean ok, that u can eat solid foods and stuff... im also considering to have this surgery, got braces as well for couple of years now.. and i think im ready to have the surgery.Before im a little bit scared but after seeing the videos in youtube, it inspires me a lot.. by the way, you look great after the surgery.. regards! and thanks for sharing this.
blueyesha--hi, i just want to give some info for v.. india is also the best when it comes to jaw surgery.. check this hospital www.hardworkhospital.com.. jaw surgery is one of indias medical tourism specialty.. its also cheap in there..
Adam Browne--Yeah my friend Anup is from India. I am glad you were inspired. Thanks for sharing that info. I hope this allows more people to contribute.
rover228--How you doing man? i'm from mexico and i have 2 weeks that i received the jaw surgery. i had the same surgery you had, but i got a question... right now i have my teeth close, after how many days do you had your teeth close??thanks, and please let me know if you don't understand me...
Adam Browne--I never had my teeth closed and if i did was was rubber bands and it was only for like a week or so.
Larry--Hey i'm from Chile and i had my surgery done 5 days ago....how many time does the swelling last?...or the majority at least?
jr--I dont have a severe underbite, mine looks similar to yours in your pre-op videos. I have had braces for about a year, and hoping to get the surgery done in the next six months. I am wondering, I am getting more and more jaw aches, stiff necks, tension headaches than ever before. Did you get those before your surgery, and if so did they go away after the operation? BTW- Seriously thanks for all the info... It really helps
Adam Browne--Swelling will go down in a week.
Adam Browne--I never had any of those problems. I still don't have any of them now. I am glad I could help.
v--Hello blueyesha,Thanks for your info, can you please tell me how much does it cost to do such a surgery in India, also can you please double check the site you gave me cause it is not working.
Adam Browne--Not sure how much it costs in India. what site is not working? My site is working fine.
v--Hi,I was not talking about your site, your site works fine, I was talking about the link that blueyesha gave me which is www.hardworkhospital.com, it doesn't work.
Adam Browne--Oh! Well thanks for checking that link, I didn't try it myself.
millstone--I'm 37 and have a class III underbite. have been putting off the decision about jaw surgery for years. i can now finally afford it and am settled enough to tackle it. the biggest issue is persuading family that my appearance change will not be that radical. did you fear that you would lose some of the character in your face? how did you deal with this issue with family/friends? what was there reaction post surgery? apologies for all the questions and thanks for sharing...
Adam Browne--The appearance change is going to happen but I feel this change was very positive. I am happy I look the way I do now as opposed to how I looked before. I went to a very expensive and experienced surgeon so I was confident he would do a good job. Friends and family all love the way I look now and it is not an issue. Post surgery I was still swollen yet I still was dating more often than I was pre surgery and I still had braces on! I say go for it you can afford it. I don't think your family understands since it is what you want and there is not a negative aspect about the outcome as long as you go to a professional.
clara--Wow. I watched your videos and saw you progress. Absolutely amazing. You didn't seem to have such a bad bite to begin with. How much did your lower jaw stick out? Mine is not as bad as quite a few out there. But it is similar to yours and I want to know if it's worth it. After seeing some other videos and other people's progress, I'm beginning to chicken out a little because of the immense swollening and loss of feel in their chin area (the results being really extreme were usually of people with pretty severe underbites... but still haha). Anyway, I just wanted to know if perhaps you didn't experience as much pain and swollening as others because your underbite was not tooo terrible to begin with?A new orthodontist that I recently went to claims he can fix my bite without surgery. An expander to expand my upper palet because it's much narrower than the lower jaw, and along with braces + rubber bands, and a headgear to bring my upper jaw FORWARD rather than the surgery's procedure of bringing the lower jaw back. I'm afraid of how I will look in the end though. Bringing the upper jaw forward gives me the impression I will, in extreme terms, look like a monkey haha. I would think bringing the lower jaw back would be much more aesthetically favorable... I would just like your opinion on this. My bite isn't all that bad, it's both a cross bite and underbite, but still I would like it to be fixed. Do you feel my surgery would not be so painful like yours and it'll be worth it?
Adam Browne--Nobody wants to look like a monkey! I was happy with the outcome as you saw and I have paid off the surgery completely. I did not experience anything negative that was permanent like numbness.My best advice is get it done if you are unhappy and can afford it. You can try the headgear but I don't think I would go down that path personally. There is a limit to how much the jaw can move like that and seems like that would cause more long term pain and embarrassment.
clara--yeah. I think you're right about the long term pain.. They said it's irreversible. Because the headgear is going to I thinkk.. Mess with your joints or something in your jaw, bringing the upper jaw forward and it won't be able to go back. Plus with the jaw surgery, you only go through recovery from the swollening and such and then you're good to go. There aren't any huge side effects I should be aware of, right? You didn't really experience much pain?
Adam Browne--None. Everything is better than it was before in my life.
SG BOY--i really hate my underbite though its not very serious but when i smile it looks awful.. is there cheaper surgery that are also conducted by professional? i dont think i can afford it. :(
Adam Browne--Yeah plenty of surgeons are less expensive or are covered by insurance but you get what you pay for.
alr.x--i saw your picture, of the difference. wow it looks really good. i have underbite myself. And soon i will be getting treatment for it, iam scared that its going to hurt and if it feels weird after. would you be able to answer them questions?
Jenna--What is waking up from the surgery like? I get really bad anxiety attacks/nausea, and I'm pretty worried that waking up like that would freak me out a lot, especially worried about vomiting. I don't even want to begin to think about how I could manage that after jaw surgery...
Adam Browne--I can try to answer the questions you have. I check this page often and easy enough for me to reply. My surgery did not hurt. Waking up I remember being all energetic and talking and saying I was fine and everything.I remember telling the doctor that I am okay and that I didn't need pain killers.They gave me them anyway I ended up okay.
ricardoalonso07--hi i'm ricardo.....well. i was looking on youtube about jaw surgery.....now I'm here on your page. i like it. specially the link various projects. I'm going to checking out somethings there..
Adam Browne--Do you like php? I enjoy programming because it is what I do. When I make something from an idea I had or someone else gave me it always makes me feel good.Let me know what you think of all the projects I have made I am always open to other opinions about my work.
Nina--I am getting my mandible set back by 7mm next month (surgery). Would you mind if I ask how much your was set back?
Randomman--Hi =D its so nice of u that u keeps on helping other pp on the webl after your surgery =D. Wad i want to ask is, is there any long term side effect if I "dint"do the jaw surgery? I'm 20 years old and my teeth are still fine in eating but I wanted to improve my look. Also do you know whether the gap between the teeth will enlarge throughout time. Thx =D
Adam Browne--I think it is different for everyone but chances are it will not get much worse if you are 20 now
Shuzelle--Hi Fatbrowne, I am very thankful for all the videos you did. It gave me a lot of info and answered a lot of questions I had. I am presently 4 months into wearing braces and will be having surgery for the same condition. I am 30 yrs and from the caribbean. I will love to make friends with ppl who are going thru or went thru the same thing as a form of encouragement. My name on youtube is trinigirl30 and my msn address is sparkeditor@hotmail.com for all who wants to chat on it. I am yet to do a video but as soon as I do I will notify you. Thx again.
Adam Browne--Thank you. And I will appreciate you for doing so. If you would like I would be willing to post a link to your youtube video on my jaw page as soon as you get it up but only as long as that is something you would want me to do for you.
Tara--I have an underbite. I haven't been to the dentist for it since I was little. My parents were given the choice to start trying to correct it when I was young and didn't. Hearing what my options are now, I'm very angry about the choice they made. I don't know if just having braces would fix my underbite or if I would have to have the surgery. I really don't like the idea of either. I'm scared about going to the dentist because I don't know if I want to find out what will have to be done. I want it fixed but I'm really really scared.
Adam Browne--Well tara all I can tell you is how my experience was and how I feel now. When I watch that first video of me on Youtube when I had an underbite and my teeth were offset, I am so relieved to know I no longer look like that or have that biting problem. I am very happy now even though I was also scared of the surgery before.My site was made to help people understand my story and see that good things came out of it.
jr--Thanks for your videos, and your website. They really helped me see the whole process, and they calmed my nerves. I am getting my surgery (lower jaw) in 48 hrs. Crazy.. I will keep you posted on how it goes! Also thinking of posting it on youtube. I will have to see if I can find a camera. Thanks again, keep up the good work!
Yorkshire Dales--Hey , thanks for the video it was big help in judging how my face would change. I had my surgery on March 10 2009, moving my upper jaw forward and up, and my lower jaw back, its been roughly 6 weeks since my 2nd OP (correcting some unforseen problems) and i cant open my jaw that much did you have a similar problem? how long was it untill you regained some normality back with eating comfortably? Thanks
Adam Browne--Be sure to post your video as a response to mine. It took me a month or so to eat normally again. I used a blender a lot of the time.
the captain--Am having the sergery next week, and i wana ask you can i go back to school after 10 days from the sergery ??? Please respond as soon as possible :P thanks alot
Adam Browne--It depends on how fast you recover. I went back to work after a week and a half after surgery. Everybody is different but yes it is possible to go back after 10 days.
v--hi fatbrowne,I just wanted to ask you a question or whoever has underbite problem, before doing the surgery, while you had the underbite problem, did you feel that something was wrong, I mean did you feel stress on your jaws the whole day or is it just my mind that makes me feel that stress (since i know that i have a problem in my jaw, may be my brain is sending signals creating this feeling). What i feel is not a pain or anything like that, I have no problem in eating or breathing but I don't know if I use the correct word "stress". I have this feeling the whole day.
Kassie--Hi, did you have your jaw brought forward or your lower jaw brought back?
RKH--You are too cute. I have two teenage sons that are candidates for jaw surgery. They dread getting braces (again) and going through the process....I know your videos will give them confidence. Thanks for sharing your story.
Adam Browne--Kassie- I had my lower jaw brought back.RKH-Thank you for the compliment. Please feel free to use my story as inspiration for others.As of today I am still happy I had the surgery and it was worth every penny that I spent. $24,000
Maxy--Hello =]. I've been waiting for this surgery since i was 9. My bottom jaw is very wide with a large underbite as well as my chin overdevloping. My top jaw is narrow and very small. I had my first operation when i was 11 to remove my fangs from the roof of my mouth as my top jaw was too small for them to fit in :(. I had my wisdom teeth out back in February. Though my teeth was fairly straight, i've now had braces for 4 years despite being told i only needed them for 1. I've been told 'you're ready now' for years so i'm pretty fed up of waiting. Did you have to wait long? I'm not worried about the surgery just the healing process. Is it really painful? Bruising? Did you have to eat with a siringe? Eeeeek. Was you off work/uni for long? Sorry for so many questions but i don't seem to get any answers from hospital
Adam Browne--I did have to wait a long time. I was ready to get started on surgery before I was 18. However, I had to wait and once I was in college I went through a 2 year process but was unable to have the final surgery done.Once I was out of college I finally had the surgery and was totally healed with my braces off in less than a year later. Not painful. You will swell up but it will go down.I was off of work for a week and a half.