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This is a page that was made to promote the greatest Meetup group in Melbourne Florida the Brevard Social Scene. Some time around the beginning of 2008 I came across a website known as meetup.com. I joined a few of the groups but it was not until I found the Brevard Social Scene (or BSS for short) that I really found a group that was all about fun. Since I have joined this Meetup group I have met so many great friends and had so many great times that I have decided to let other people know about it. The networking within this group has lead to many positive changes in my life. It is a really great feeling to be a member any club or organization and I firmly believe that BSS is an amazing group to be a part of.
I enjoyed it so much that I eventually convinced the creator of the group to make me to an assistant organizer. Now I organize and host parties and events all the time. The Brevard Social Scene is a very active and enjoyable Meetup. Ask any member and they will tell you how fun and enjoyable each event can be. If you are in the Melbourne area and are looking for a highly enjoyable group to be a member of, then I would suggest attending an event hosted by the Brevard Social Scene to see for yourself how fun the events can be.

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Last Modified: Friday February 03, 2023